//Turn On, Tune In and Log Off at LogOff Brewing

Turn On, Tune In and Log Off at LogOff Brewing

There’s a certain ethos surrounding LogOff Brewing, one that captures owner Matt Risse’s approach to the second act of his professional life.

“It was just about wanting something more than working in bureaucracy and forms and paperwork,” said Risse, who, before launching LogOff, worked as an information technology employee for the State of California. “It’s also kind of a state of mind too. When you’re done for the day, you can log off and do things that bring you joy. And we think one of the things that connects people is having a beer.”

And that’s exactly what LogOff Brewing has been doing since opening in June 2020. Creating community through beer. Whether it’s during a game of trivia, a song performed at an open mic or on a booze cruise organized by the brewery, LogOff specializes in creating a hallowed space for gatherings and libations.

“Lots of events are always happening,” said Risse. “What I really like about it is people are always in their best state coming to the brewery. It’s a lot of fun.”

An aesthetic of fun

LogOff Brewing Main Room

Like some other founders of Barrel District establishments, Risse carved his brewing teeth on a home brew setup. As he learned the brewing craft, he became increasingly attracted to the artisanal nature of the practice.

“Big beer is mass produced,” said Risse. “It’s the same recipe over and over again. With craft brewing, you can get creative and have fun with it.”

“Each beer is kind of a blank canvas that you can create upon,” he added.

That mentality doesn’t just extend to the flavors of LogOff’s brews. It extends to the marketing and overall aesthetic of the brewery itself.

Head to LogOff’s website and you’ll find a cornucopia of upcoming events, including stand-up comedy shows, trivia nights, open mics, bingo and more. In addition, the brewery is experimenting with coordinating boozy-themed trips for interested clientele. Last year, they organized their first trip, a booze cruise through Europe.

“It was a 10-day cruise and it went to Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, France and ended up in Switzerland,” said Risse, noting that travelers visited a host of different breweries for tastings along the way.

With that first trip now in the rearview mirror, Risse is looking to organize more travel events in 2023, including visits to Ireland and celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany.

What’s on tap?

LogOff Brewing Menu

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to LogOff’s taproom, where 21 beers are currently being served.

Asked about the popular selections, Risse said, “Our Clock Out IPA is really good. We do a Pi(e)rates series which is a fruited sour series based on pies. Right now, we have a mixed berry one called Wildberry and it has graham cracker and vanilla in it.”

Risse also recommended the Walker Texas Oranger, an orange tangerine vanilla wheat beer; Dragon Fire, a red ale; and the German Spy, a Kölsch style beer.

“We’re always thinking of different ideas and making sure that we have a certain product mix that we know our customers like as well,” said Risse.

With more than two years of operation in Rancho Cordova under his belt, Risse has had time to reflect on the local craft brew and distillery scene.

“The city of Rancho Cordova is very business friendly,” said Risse, noting that the prospect of being a Barrel District member intrigued him when he started the brewery. “We’ve been very happy to be a part of it.”

“There’s a lot of camaraderie between the different breweries,” he added.

Learn more about LogOff Brewing on their website and follow them on social media.

Those interested in participating in one of LogOff’s 2023 trips can follow LogOff on social media or send an email to beer@logoffbrewing.com.

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